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Weight Bench


At John E Deals we offer the perfect weight bench for any and every exercise workout routine and situation. We have great flat bench, flat incline bench and flat incline decline bench selections, including benches from top name brands and benches priced for every budget.


Flat Bench

Of the three main types of weight bench that we offer, the flat bench is the most basic and the best for those looking into getting their first bench and/or those looking for a quality and economical bench. The flat bench works great for light and intermediate workout routines. It is a good choice for dumbbell and barbell workouts as well as ab exercises.

Flat benches present a space-saving option and are good for small-space environments, while still offering versatility in larger spaces. They are quite portable and make for a great choice for those who like to change their workout location based on the season (e.g. from house, to garage, to deck).

A flat bench is a good option for those who are either just starting out or those looking to get their first bench. It provides both an economical starting point that allows for a smooth transition up to an adjustable bench, which offers more functionality and costs more.

We offer flat benches from the biggest names. Those just getting started would be interested in the versatility and cost-effectiveness of CAP. Those looking to go a step up in quality would be interested in YORK and Vo3. And those looking for commercial quality and build would be looking at ULTIMATE.


Flat Incline Bench

Flat incline benches present a great option for those looking for an adjustable weight bench that offers more in terms of functionality and flexibility than a flat bench. They have both an adjustable back support and seat. They allow for more personal customization of the equipment to better suit each physique and workout routine.

When it comes to exercise equipment in Calgary, John E Deals carries the best names. This includes our selection of flat incline benches. Those looking for a quality flat incline bench would do well to look at YORK. For a step up, ULTIMATE provides a great option. For the best in quality and build, ULTIMATE commercial quality benches are an excellent choice. They are great for heavier weight users and they offer wheel-assisted maneuverability. They also have thick padding that provides comfort for all body builds, as well as quick and easy adjustments of the back and seat support. Our ULTIMATE commercial quality benches are priced very well and, with our warehouse pricing, offer a substantial savings versus similar commercial-rated benches.


Flat Incline Decline Bench

Those looking for a weight bench with the ultimate in versatility and flexibility will want to take a look at our great selection of flat incline decline benches. They are easily-adjustable to all bench positions and are designed to function as an isolated unit or in combination with a squat rack.

Our flat incline decline bench models have back supports and seats that are quick and simple to adjust. They also have wheels that allow for easy movement in a home gym area and offer a nice, low centre of gravity, which is good for the user’s balance.

As with our other type of benches, we offer flat incline decline benches from the top name brands. Those looking for their first bench of this type, or for an economical solution, will want to look at our YORK flat incline decline benches. Those looking for a step up in quality will be interested in Vo3. For the ultimate in functionality and build, ULTIMATE benches offer commercial grade heavy steel construction, as well as large, thick padding for comfort.  Their large base structures provide a low centre of gravity for balance, and their rear wheels make for easy transport in any workout area. These flat incline decline benches are also ideal for use with many of the squat racks from our ULTIMATE and Vo3 squat rack selection.


If you are looking for the right weight bench for your workout situation, look no further than John E Deals. We offer the best home gym equipment and the best fitness equipment in Calgary, with convenient pick up and great prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.