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Squat Rack


Here at John E Deals, we have a great squat rack selection. We offer a wide variety of models to meet all users’ needs, whether they are at the novice level, intermediate level or beyond. Our range includes squat racks from known name brands, such as CAP, YORK, Vo3 and ULTIMATE.



CAP brand racks are a good choice for those looking to add a squat rack to their home gym. They accept both standard bars and the seven-foot Olympic bars. They have bar catches and safety catches, which offer peace of mind to the user while working out. As a plus, these squat racks can be used with all CAP YORK, Vo3 and ULTIMATE gym benches. They have rear storage posts for plate storage, which helps to keep the space tidy and organized before and after workouts.



YORK offers a step up in quality. They have adjustable and fixed-width models that are perfect for beginners and those at more of an intermediate level. Their black and white steel construction matches well with all other YORK fitness equipment. YORK also offers commercial grade rated squat racks that are well-suited to intermediate and advanced users.



Another alternative is Vo3, which offers both squat rack and cage models. They are constructed of steel and are economically priced. Vo3 squat racks accept seven-foot Olympic bars and all gym benches. They allow the home gym enthusiast to increase their workout routine to include squats and chin ups.


John E Deals is your best source for fitness equipment in Calgary, offering great squat rack and weight bench selections. If you are looking for the next perfect addition to your home gym equipment, contact us now.