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Dumbbells Rubber YORK


We continue to offer more brands to fit with your new or existing exercise equipment.  YORK offers a range of Rubber Hex Dumbbells in sizes from 3lbs right up to a relaxing 125 lb dumbbell.  You know, when you are just sitting channel hopping and feel the urge for more?  YORK FITNESS provides them and John-E-deals has them here in Calgary for you!  2 Great dumbbell series to select from in these sizes:

YORK RHD (Rubber Hex 3000 Series)

 3     5     8     10     12     15     20     25     30     35     40     45      50     55     60     65     70     75     80     85     90    95     100     105     110     115     120     125

YORK RHD (Rubber Hex Graduated Series) The heads are permanently affixed to a thick 35mm solid steel shaft improving the strength of the head/handle joint.  The knurled chrome handles are ergonmically contoured to fit comfortably in the users' palm.  Smaller handles graduate up from 25mm grip to 35mm grip for increments 20 lbs through 125 lbs.  

  • Available from 2-1/2 lb through 30 lb in 2-1/2 lb increments.  (yes, like 2-1/2, 7-1/2, 12-1/2, all those incremental sizes that allow you to increase weight in relation to your fitness and strength level and not the other way round!
  • Available from 30 lb through 125 lb in 5 lb increments