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We've got a range of REEBOK Aerobic and light workout fitness products for you.  If your training program involves physical rehab and seniors facilities then John-E-Deals can help at some super prices.  The REEBOK products consist of Wrist Weights, Ankle Weights and Hand Weights.  This can be used in sitting, standing or even when running to provide strength and resistance.  RREBOK also offers 6lb, 8lb and 10lb soft grip rubber exercise balls.  Theres' more so just enter REEBOK in the website search field.

Storage Solutions

We've added a number of new storage racks for weight plates and dumbbells.  Now in stock are the Keys Fitness standard weight plate 1" hole, storage rack.  This solid unit has 7 plate posts for storage.  For dumbbells check out the A-Frame 6 pair vertical dumbbell rack.  This dumbbell storage rack holds 6 pairs of [...]

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RYKER Series Fitness Equipment

Arriving June 1 2016.  The new ryKer line gives you a matched exercise equipment setup.  This is a great home gym package featuring the Ryker Half Rack with pull bars and rear plate storage.  The Half Rack also comes with four resistant band posts.  (Bands sold separately).  With over 700 lbs capacity this is a [...]

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It's In Stock

We all know what it's like to get ready, drive to a location only to learn they don't have your item in stock.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  When they're gone you can never replace them.  That's why we advertise what we physically have in stock today!.  While products can "have a run" [...]

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Ernestine Shepard 74 Year Old Body Builder

This isn't just for the ladies, it's for all of us.  74 Year Old Body builder Need inspiration?  Building your life story with "but I can't?"  If Ernestine Shepard does not inspire and move you, then just head on over to the Brick and find a new sofa.

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70 YEAR OLD MAN WORKS OUT Your excuses for most anything should disappear when you check out Sam "Sonny" Bryant Jr.  An excuse is something you offer and then you hope people accept it.  A reason on the other hand, is something you give, rather than offer.  It doesn't matter if people accept the reason. [...]

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